What Are The Features of Self Loading Transit Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-12-09

In addition to commercial concrete plant and concrete mixer, the self loading transit mixer is another high-efficiency and low-cost concrete production method for the customers to choose from.

The self loading concrete mixer truck is suitable for engineering construction in various special environments, crowded urban areas and remote areas. It can be used in concrete road maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction, township road construction, national defense facility base construction, high-speed railway construction and maintenance, etc.

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According to the actual construction needs, the self loading transit mixer has many models from HM2.0 to HM 6.5, of which the hourly output is 6-32 m3/h. Different models are suitable for different construction needs, and can be adjusted as a whole according to the applicable environment such as replacing motor for the plateau. What are features of self loading concrete mixer truck?

1. The rotation of the mixer drum is driven by a hydraulic motor through a special planetary reducer. The output shaft of the planetary reducer can swing at a certain angle to meet the vibration of the mixing drum under bad road conditions.

2. The hydraulic system uses a constant power variable plunger pump to reduce the power loss of the engine.

3. The water inlet system can realize automatic water inlet according to the measurement setting.

4. It can realize self loading through the cooperation of the shovel arm, boom cylinder, and quantitative hopper according to the designed ratio.

5. The inner wall of the mixing drum is equipped with double spiral blades. The forward rotation is for feeding and concrete mixing; the reverse rotation is for the discharging under the drive of the spiral blades.

6. Haomei self loading concrete mixer truck adopts the front and rear double axle drive form. The hydraulic torque converter is used to reduce the impact on the engine and extend the life of the engine.

As a special self loading concrete mixer suppliers, Haomei Machiney has eight models for you to choose from. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading concrete mixer truck price.

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