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Why you need a self loading concrete mixer truck

Haomei self loading concrete mixer truck is a powerful mobile mixer with the function of self loading, mixing, transport,unloading and washing. Its speed can reach 20 km/h. It can independently and efficiently produce certified concrete.

HM1.8 cubic self loading mixer machine is of 1.8 m3 per batch and about 8 m3/h. It can be used for residential and industrial buildings in remote places, pavement concrete pouring, channel irrigation facilities, infrastructure construction, reservoir embankment engineering,etc. We also have other models of self loading mobile concrete mixer.

Advanced and Reasonable Structural Design

  1. Four-dimensional mixing technology.

Four-dimensional mixing of HM1.8 self mixer.jpg2. Unique continuous trace design is used,with residual rate≤0.4%.

3. All hydraulic functions of shovel controlled by a single joystick.

4. Quantitative water system.

5. Tank and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel,with service life increased by 30%.

6. Yuchai or Cummins Engine are for you to choose from.

Engine of HM1.8 self loading mixer.jpgHow to Operate Self Loading Concrete Mixer

HM 1.8 Cubic Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Spare Parts

HM 1.8 self loading mixer spar parts.jpg

The Main Technical Parameter of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck


1.8 Cubic Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck



Total Weight


Tank Volume


Concrete Output


Tank Rotation Speed

13 rpm




Yuchai/Cummins/Yunnei are all available

Engine Power

55 kw/75ps

Maximum climbing angle

30 degree


20 km/h

Minimum ground clearance

280 mm

Minimum turning radius

5270 mm

Front and rear wheel-base

2600 mm

Left and right wheel-base

1510 mm

Water tank volume

400 L

Fuel tank volume

63 L

Fuel consumption(L/h)


Feeding time ( minutes/tank)

4 minutes

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