A Versatile Self Loading Mixer for Sale

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-04-12

The self loading concrete mixer for sale has self loading, weighing, mixing, transportation and discharging in one. With high flexibility, it is an ideal and popular choice for a variety of small projects. There are some typical construction projects.

Foundation Ditch of Lamp Holder

In most cases, the height of light poles is about 8 meters. That is to say, a street lamp will be installed at a distance of more than 20 meters. If these foundation ditches are filled one by one by the manual labor, it will take a lot of time. With 270 degree discharging and four wheel driving, the self loading mixer can fill one by one continuously over driving. Haomei self loading mixer for sale can also raise the tank body, making the unloading more convenient and more thorough.

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Road Construction

Generally speaking, asphalt roads are generally used for urban roads and national and provincial highways with high comfort requirements, and cement roads are generally used for remote and underdeveloped areas. For these regions, electricity and labors may be also a problem. The self loading concrete mixer can discharge within 270 degrees of the car's body while running . Workers only need to flatten the concrete.

House building

C20 and C25 concrete are usually use for building house. Adopting the innovative technology of strong mixing and precise industrial electronic scale, the concrete produced by the self loading concrete mixer can fully the concrete standards.


It is an effective way to overcome obstacles by constructing underground passages when the line crosses natural obstacles. One construction way is to dig trenches along the line direction at the two side walls of underground railways or other underground structures and pour concrete . Since the space is not large, the cute self loading mixer will be a good choice.

The self loading concrete mixer is not only versatile, but also applicable for renting. Haomei Machinery has many models. Welcome to leave message below to inquire self loading mixer price.

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