The Operational Tips of Self Loading Transit Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-23

The operation of self loading concrete mixer truck also needs the professional guidance and learning. What should we pay attention to when using it?

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1. When the temperature is over 25℃, the duration time from loading, transportation, and unloading should not exceed 60 minutes. When the temperature is lower than 25℃, the above time should not exceed 90 minutes.

2. Do not overload and pay attention to the working state of the self loading transit mixer.

3. After the discharge at the construction site is completed, you must flush the hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute, etc. to remove the sludge and concrete adhering to the body at once.

4. The pressure of the hydraulic system should meet the requirements in the instruction manual, and it cannot be adjusted at will. The quality and quantity of hydraulic oil should meet the original requirements.

5. The driver should be familiar with the structure, working principle and operation method of self loading mixer.

6. During winter construction, the driver should check whether there is ice before starting. After one day of work, carefully remove residual water in the mixing drum and water supply system and turn off the pump switch, and place the control handle in the "stop" position.

7. When the self loading concrete mixer machine factory is working, do not put your hand into the rotating mixing drum. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the connection between the main discharge chute and the extended discharge chute to avoid accidents.

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