The Design Principle of Self Loading Transit Mixer Chassis

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-23

There are three main factors that affect the shape of the self loading transit mixer's chassis structure: the overall layout of the vehicle, the loading situation of the frame and the manufacturing process and material consumption of the chassis.

The chassis is he load-bearing base of the self batching concrete truck. Most of the components and assemblies on the vehicle are determined by the frame, such as the engine, suspension, transmission system, steering system, cab and related control mechanisms.

Its function is to support the various components connected to the self loading transit mixer, and to bear various loads from inside and outside the vehicle. Its condition is directly related to the performance of the vehicle (such as handling, safety, comfort, life, reliability, etc.).

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In the design of the chassis, there are generally the following four requirements:

1. Strength requirements. The chassis should have sufficient fatigue strength to ensure that the main components of the frame are not severely damaged by fatigue within the range of overhaul mileage.

2. Bending stiffness requirements. The assemblies on the self loading transit mix will not be damaged or lose their working ability due to excessive bending deformation of the frame under various complicated stress conditions.

3. The torsional stiffness. It should ensure the vehicle has strong adaptability to the unevenness of the road surface and high passing ability. The torsional stiffness of the front and rear parts of the frame is required to be larger, and the middle part is smaller. The torsional stiffness of the frame is based on the calculation of the relative torsion angle of the front and rear axles.

4. Lightweight design. Under the premise of ensuring functional requirements of self loading concrete mixer machine factory, reduce the weight of the chassis as much as possible. Which helps reduce the material consumption and energy consumption.

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