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The Best Selling- HM3.5 Self Loading Transit Mixer

HM3.5 self loading transit mixer is our best selling one. It combines six functions: Loading,weighing,pumping,mixing,delivering and discharge. Four wheel drive and 270 degree unloading enables it go anywhere you need no matter how bad the road condition is.

It can reach about 112 m3 in 8 hours,which is an ideal choice for various construction projects in remote places or with poor conditions such as a lack of water supply or bad road conditions. So it is widely welcomed by the customers. We also have HM4.0 self loading mixer truck for you.

Features of Self Loading Mixer

1. Ultimate tank capacity technology

2. The clever discharge cone and higher filling rate,thus improving the loading capacity of the tank up to 6%.

3. Hoppers and detachable chutes are made of multilayer high-strength wear-resistant liner plate,with service life increased by 50%.

4. Efficient hydraulic drive system .

5. High precision weighing system can meets the requirements for the production of the concrete.

6. Four-dimensional mixing technology.

Advanced and Strict Manufacturing Process

1. Robot Welding

Here are advanced technology of welding robots, ensuring higher efficiency and higher accuracy.

robert welding of self loading concrete mixer.jpg2. Closed Painting Room

In accordance with environmental requirements, the stable and continuous manufacturing is completely guaranteed. Besides, excellent painting effect brings the the whole truck attractive performance.

HM3.5 Self Loading Transit Mixer.jpg

3. Strict Quality Inspection

We have special quality inspection department. No unqualified machine is allowed to be delivered to our customers.

4. Test Tun

Here are wide areas for our customers to test the self loading concrete mixer truck, and welcome to test the mixer truck in our factory. Driving, feeding, mixing, discharging and climbing are available.

The 3.5 cubic self loading transit mixer price is about $30,000. The price will be fluctuant a little with the change of the specific configue. Welcome to send inquiry to

We Promise

  1. We promise one year warranty. There is enough spar parts in stock. Please leave your message on my website, we will arrange shipment within 48 hours.

  2. Go to your site and help you install and debug.

  3. We provide free training for your operator.

  4. If there is something wrong with the self loading concrete mixer machine, you can contact us any time.

  5. If you introduce other users to buy our self loading concrete mixers, we will give you some commission.

Specifications of Self Loading Transit Mixer


HM3.5 Cubic Self Loading Transit Mixer



Total Weight


Tank Volume


Concrete Output


Tank Rotation Speed

13-20 rpm




Yuchai 4105

Engine Power


Maximum climbing angle




Minimum ground clearance


Minimum turning radius


Front and rear wheel-base


Left and right wheel-base


Water tank volume


Fuel tank volume


Fuel consumption(L/h)


Feeding time ( minutes/tank)

7 minutes

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