The Differences of Mixing Drum Between Self Loading Mixer and Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-09-08

The self loading mixer is developed on the basis of the concrete mixer truck. Both of them has a mixing tank, but they have a big difference.

The storage tank of the concrete mixer truck is made of high-quality wear-resistant thin steel plate. In order to automatically load and unload concrete, the inner wall of the concrete storage tank is welded with special-shaped spiral blades.

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The main function of the concrete tank is to store and mix concrete. It is installed on the rear part of the car frame and consists of a cylinder, connecting flanges, raceways and mixing blades. The outer structure of the mixing drum is mostly cones at both ends and a cylinder in the middle, and its shape resembles an olive.

The self loading transit mixer combines the functions of a concrete truck and a concrete mixer, integrating concrete loading, metering, mixing, and discharging, and can realize concrete transportation and on-site concrete construction operations.

The dry aggregate and cement into the mixing drum of the vehicle according to the ratio. During the transportation, the dry material in the drum is mixed. When the vehicle is about to arrive at or reach the construction site, add water to the mixing tank to finish the mixing. The blades and mixing drum shape is very different from that of the concrete mixer truck.

The lightweight self loading mixer is of strong power, fast mixing speed, flexible body, and high safety. It is especially suitable for infrastructure projects such as rural roads, rural houses, bridges, tunnels, slope protection, ground hardening,etc. Welcome to leave message below to get the self loading mobile concrete mixer price.

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