The Safety Design of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-17

Four wheel drive and cute body enables the self loading mobile concrete mixer work in any area such as mountain, plateaus, basins, etc. The narrow construction sites and harsh environment puts forward higher requirements for its safety design. What does Haomei Machinery do for your safety?

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1. 360 degree panoramic camera to remove blind spots

Haomei self loading concrete mixer is specially equipped with a 360 degree with high definition to ensure that the driver in the cab can have a panoramic view of the body and the surrounding environment of the car, sweeping out the blind spots and contributing to the normal operation.

There are plane designs with a certain glass area on the front, back, left and right, ensuring the driver's wide view and improve construction safety.

2. Scientific design and safety reinforcement

In terms of the overall structural design, material and volume of the car body, the engineering personnel of Haomei Machinery have balanced the weight according to the principle of metrology, and at the same time increased the support of the hydraulic balance bar, which can effectively prevent accidents such as rollover.

In road construction, the mountainous terrain is more complex, often accompanied by turning and climbing. In order to achieve a more stable and safe driving, Haomei Machinery has adopted body design of the overall frame, combined with the four-wheel steering function, completely solving these problems.

Finally, the considerate after-sale service is also the guarantee for the driver’s safety. We have enough spare parts in stock and have professional people to provide guide. Once there is something wrong with the self loading concrete mixer truck, we can help you solve it in time.

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