What Are The Key Parts of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-03-25

As a popular construction equipment, the self loading concrete mixer truck has been the choice of many people. For getting a high cost-effective machine, you should have some knowledge of it. The key parts of self mixing concrete truck are engine, mixing tank,axle, turntable. For those parts, Haomei Machinery all improves design.

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  • Mixing tank: It is made of manganese steel and of robot welding. Even mixing effect and smooth discharging helps you finish work within the shortest time.

  • Turntable: Instead of gear turntable, Haomei self loading mobile concrete mixer adopts slewing support. It is of more balanced force. In addition, its quality guarantee is five years.

  • Axle:Our self loading mixer is of heavy-duty axle with four side reducer, greatly improving braking performance.

  • Engine: Different engine brands are available for you to choose from: Yunnei, Yuchai and Cummins.

  • Driving Cab: It is of broad space and single handle operation. The broad view makes the driving safer.

  • Hopper: The self mixer is of streamlined hopper, which can unload at a high position.

A quality self loading mobile concrete mixer consists of numerous quality spare parts. If you like to know more about our machine, welcome to contact us directly.

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