The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Structure

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-03-23

The self loading concrete mixer is a special vehicle for transporting concrete over long distances. It is equipped with a self-rotating mixer drum on the chassis of the truck, so the self mixer can still mix the concrete during driving, combining dual functions of transportation and mixing.

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In order to complete the above functions and actions, the self mixer should have the following parts:

1. Mixing drum

2. Mixing drum supporting device

3. Loading and unloading device

4. The maintenance platform

5. Mixing drum driving device

6. Transmission device

7. Cleaning device

8. Compressed gas device

9. Operating device

10. Truck chassis

11. Frame and support platform of the automobiles

The mixing drum of self loading mixer machine is of double cone type and has a pear shape. The front cone is short and the rear cone is long. The material of the mixing drum is generally a low alloy steel plate of 4 mm or 4.5 mm. However, Haomei Machinery adopts high-strength wear-resistant steel.

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