How to Choose Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-03-23

With the increase of infrastructure projects and the expensive cost of the commercial concrete, many engineer contractors choose to buy a self loading concrete mixer truck. Among so many brands, which to choose is really a difficult choice. Haomei Machinery gives you some tips.

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Brand Is a Guarantee

At present, although the manufacturing technology of self loading mixer is relatively mature, there are still large gaps between brands in terms of production technology and materials. Therefore, the advice given here is to choose a reliable brand within your budget. As a brand with 30 years’ history, Haomei Machinery pays more attention to the quality.

In addition, the after-sales service of the big self concrete mixer manufacturers is more complete. As we all know, the working environment of the self mixer is very poor and the heavy construction amount, the self loading mixer will inevitably have some failure. The timely maintenance is very important.

Key Part: Hydraulic System

The self loading mixer trucks often operate under high load, so the requirements for the stability of the hydraulic system is very high. When buying a self loading transit mixer, be sure to ask what is the brand and performance of the hydraulic oil pump and motor, especially these details such as the connection materials.

The Mixing Tank

As the only place of the concrete mixing, the abrasion resistance of the mixing tank must be good. The blades in the mixing tank also need high strength and abrasion resistance. For longer service life, Haomei Machinery chooses high-strength wear-resistant steel that is better than the common material. And with innovative mixing technology, the mixing quality is strictly in accordance with the standards.

In one word, when you buy a self loading concrete mixer truck for sale, you can try the truck by yourself or having a look of our testing video if you urgently need it.

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