The Application Cases of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-08

HM1.8 cubic self loading concrete mixer machine is under the construction of flooring in Southeast Asia. With multiple functions in one, the concrete production is very quick, greatly shortening the whole construction time.

HM1.8 cubic self loading concrete mixer.jpg

2 sets of HM2.6 cubic self loading mixer works together to level the ground. In one hour, more than 20 cubic meter of concrete is discharged.

HM2.0 self loading mixer.jpg

HM4.0 self loading concrete mixer is building ditches in the mountain area. The 270 degree discharging can pour the concrete exactly into the needed places,ensuring that the trenches are laid evenly and tightly.

HM 2.0 self loading transit mixer.jpg

HM 2.0 self loading transit mixer works on a narrow mountain village road with a pavement width of only 3.5 meters, effectively solving the problem that the big construction equipment can’ enter.

self loading concrete mixer for road construction.jpg

HM1.2 self loading concrete mixer truck collaborates with HM4.0 self loading concrete mixer to help villagers build house. Advanced equipment and higher efficiency attracts a lot of attention.

HM1.2 self loading concrete mixer truck.jpg

At the construction sites, HM1.8 self mixer discharge the concrete to the bucket which is lifted to the needed position.

HM 3.5 self mixer.jpg

HM1.2 self loading concrete mixer is used for road construction. One worker operate the truck and the other flatten the road surface.


With more expensive labor cost, mechanization has spread all over the world. The self loading concrete mixer can bring huge return on investment. It is worth considering.

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