How Does The Reducer of Self Mixing Concrete Truck Work

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-20

The self mixing concrete truck is an ideal construction equipment for small and medium sized construction projects such as road construction, house building, slope protection, hydraulic engineering, ground hardening,etc.

Its excellent performance has close relationship with its four wheel drive. To achieve a certain ratio of speed and power, we need a reducer. How does the reducer work?

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The self loading transit mixer has a reducer on the side of the wheel. The wheel reducer is the last stage of deceleration and torque-increasing device in the transmission system. Under the same total transmission ratio, the wheel reducer can make the load and size of the shift, transmission shaft, main retarder, differential mechanism,half rear axle decrease and make the drive axle obtain a larger ground clearance. Therefore, the research of the wheel-side reducer is of great practical significance.

The currently used wheel-side reducer is an additional set of gear transmissions that reduce speed and increase torque to meet the needs of the entire transmission system. It is installed in the power output terminal of the self mixer truck to reduce the load of the gearbox.

The adoption of the wheel reducer is for the driving force of the self loading concrete mixer to meet or modify the matching of the driving force of the entire transmission system.

After staring, the engine transmits power to the front and rear axle main reducers through the clutch, transmission and transfer case, and then the force is from the main reducer to the wheel side reducer and wheels to drive the concrete mixer.

During this process, the role of the wheel reducer is to transmit the power to the wheel after the speed reduction and torque increasing of the power from the main reducer, so that the wheel will generate a large driving force under the reaction of the ground adhesion.

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