The Influencing Factor of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Price

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-24

The self loading concrete mixer truck is designed for small ad medium construction projects. It features self loading, four wheel drive and 270 degree discharging. Therefore, it is very popular among those construction constructors. If you also plan to buy, let’s have a look of its influencing factors.

The self loading concrete mixer truck price is manly affected by the following five reasons:

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1. Supply and demand relationship

The supply and demand relationship is a vital factor in the price fixing of all the goods. At present, the demand for self loading mixer is very strong while the suppliers of that is also increasing. The price will keep relatively stable.

2. Raw material

The steel is the main raw material of the self loading transit mixer, which directly determines the price of the mixer. 90% of the self mixer is made up of special steel. A small price increase of steel will affect its ex-factory price.

3. The mixer

A quality machine deserve a good price. The quality of the mixing system is the main factor that determines the price of the whole self mixing concrete truck. The better the quality of the mixer, the higher the price. Our tip is that do not only pay attention to the price, but also stress the configuration.

4. The hydraulic part

The hydraulic part has a close relationship with the whole truck’s stability and efficiency. The motor is the heart of the self mixing truck. Pay attention to its quality or you will be troubled by its frequent failure.

5. After-sale service

The service life of self mixing concrete truck is generally as long as ten years. During this period, some minor faults will inevitably affect the production efficiency. Whether the supporting services of the manufacturer is considerate is also an influencing factor of its price.

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