Four Operational Tips of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Factory

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-21

At present, the construction industry is also greatly affected by the COVID-19. To minimize the concentration of people as much as possible is very important for the present construction projects. The choice of self loading concrete mixer factory is an ideal solution for one person is enough to operate it.

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What should the operator notice when using it? There are four tips:

1. The uniformity of the concrete is one of the important indicators judging the performance of the self loading concrete mixer. When transporting concrete, the rotation speed of the mixing drum should be controlled at 2 - 5r/min.

During the transportation, we should make sure there is enough water for the concrete mixing. In addition, we should strictly control he rotating speed of the mixing drum. Too fast will increase the fuel consumption, and too small will cause the concrete to segregate.

2. The concrete volume can not be higher than the maximum volume of the self loading mixer. Different grades of concrete has different density. Too much loading may increase the burden of the self mixing truck.

The volume, quality and slump of the conveyed concrete should be in accordance with the provisions in the manual of the self loading mixer. Besides, it should be filled with lubricant in time.

3. For the self loading mixer parked in the open air, the mixing drum should be rotated in the discharging direction to drain water,thus ensuring the concrete quality.

4. Fix reasonable and clear maintenance cycle. The self loading concrete mixer owner should refer to the maintenance guide of the self mixing concrete truck manufacturer, and combines the the truck’s conditions to fix the maintenance cycle. For the new self loading concrete mixer driving on the superior road conditions, it is no need to do maintenance frequently, otherwise, the operator can properly shorten the maintenance cycle.

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