How About the Efficiency of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-10

The self loading concrete mixer truck has automatic loading, mixing, transport and unloading in one. The quick and simple production way completely changes the traditional concrete production history.

4.0 cubic self loading mixer.jpgAs a relatively new machine, it has attracted a lot of attention since it was born. At the same time, many professional in construction also wonder how efficient it is.

First of all, the self loading mix realize the integration of multiple steps and multiple vehicles such as concrete mixer and transport truck, saving a lot of time on connecting different steps. Secondly, the whole process of loading and mixing of the self loading concrete mixer truck machine only takes ten minutes, and the specific output volume depends on the size of the model.

Take several popular models of Haomei self mixer. HM2.0 self loading mixer can discharge about 8-10 m3/h, HM 4.0 self loading mixer machine can 2.0 cubic self loading concrete mixer truck.jpgdischarge about 16-18 m3/h and HM3.5 self batching concrete mixer can dis charge 14-16 m3/h.

In addition, it can drive to the construction site while mixing and can unload while walking. The time is being greatly shortened and the engineering efficiency is greatly improved. It is an ideal equipment for those projects with tight schedules.

With the rapid development of modern construction equipment, flowing the trend will bring more opportunities. A self loading transit mixer not only bring higher return for your own project, but also expand your business more than construction.

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