What Is the Disadvantages of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-02

With the mature technology in recent years, the self loading concrete mixer becomes a hit in the production of concrete. With the the increasingly strict environmental protection, it has leapfrogged the commercial concrete plant and traditional mixing method.

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Many people choose to buy it over its high efficiency and great convenience. Then do you know about its disadvantages?

Firstly, When loading, the sand and stones will make friction with the loading bucket, and scratches will be formed on the bottom and inside of the bucket. In addition, we should pay attention to the screw parts.

As we all know, the road conditions for the self loading mixer is usually poor such as rugged county road or mountain road. The poor road conditions and frequent vibration brought by the mixing will cause the loosing of the screw parts. This will influence the working efficiency. Therefore, we need to check termly and tighten loose screws to avoid failure.

Secondly, the air filter and diesel filter of the self loading mixer machine needs to be checked from time to time. Once the air filter and diesel filter are blocked, it will cause the decline of engine power and the wear of internal parts. Frequent replacement and maintenance will avoid such problems.

Brake pads, shock absorbers, fuel pumps also need to be replaced, repaired and cleaned after a certain period of use to ensure construction safety.

From the above discussion, we can find that except the scratch, most problems can be avoided by the regular maintenance. It is certain that choosing a quality self loading concrete mixer is an important premise.

The tank material of Haomei self loading mixer adopts high-strength manganese steel, which is of strong ability to withstand impact, extrusion and abrasion. Even with scratch with the raw material, it will affect its daily operation.

The last but not least, the self loading concrete mixer is a small model with capacity ranging from 1.2 m3/h to 6.5 m3/h. If your needed amount is far larger, there will be no suitable models for you and it will be not an economic choice any more. As a special self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei has eight models for you to choose from.

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