How to Use Self Loading Transit Mixer with Less Oil Consumption

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-15

As a small concrete mixing plant, the self loading transit mixer is favored by many engineering professionals because of its high efficiency. It can be used for road construction, house building, tunnel construction, ground hardening,etc.

The fuel consumption is an important problems for all of the construction equipment. How to use self loading concrete mixer with less consumption? It not only has relationship with the driving habit, but also with the design.

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Firstly, the driver should regularly inspect and maintain the self loading mixer truck to avoid increased fuel consumption due to partial clogging of the filter, etc. In addition, pay attention to the inspection of tire pressure to avoid the increase of resistance causing the waste of fuel. because of insufficient air pressure.

Secondly, keeping good driving habits is also very important. Sudden acceleration and the use of a higher engine speed will cause the engine to consume more fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to keep driving at a constant speed as far as possible to avoid sudden acceleration and braking resulting in the increase of fuel consumption.

Besides of the personal using tips, what’s more important is to own a scientifically-designed self loading concrete mixer machine. The hydraulic system of Haomei self loading transit mixer is designed with a constant power variable piston pump, which can effectively reduce the power loss of the engine and achieve the purpose of fuel saving.

And in order to protect the engine, Haomei self loading concrete mixer adopts the form of front and rear double-axle drive, and a torque converter is added to effectively reduce the impact on the engine and thereby extend the service life of the engine.

Whether it is the practicality of the overall design or the consideration of long-term use, Haomei put the customers’ profit and using experience in the first place. We just like to produce quality self loading concrete mixer machine for you.

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