How to Make Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Energy-saving

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-04-19

Good maintenance of the self loading concrete mixer truck can save fuel consumption and keep good performance of the engine. According to statistics, the fuel consumption of poorly maintained engines will increase by 10%-20%.

The self loading concrete mixer owner should go to the auto repair shop for routine maintenance, such as checking tire pressure, four-wheel alignment, checking the filter, etc. In addition, choose the oil with the lowest viscosity, because the greater the viscosity, the greater the friction and the greater the fuel consumption.

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The self mixing concrete truck should avoid prolonged idling operation. The fuel consumption during the idling operation is much greater than the fuel consumption during normal driving. It is best to turn off the self mixing concrete truck when it is no longer in use. When it starts working, it can drive at low speed for a few minutes.

Try to avoid sudden braking. The most fuel-efficient driving mode is soft and smooth. In the starting phase, try to avoid stepping on the accelerator. The correct method is to accelerate smoothly, and after reaching a certain speed, try to maintain a constant speed.

Any vehicle has its own economic speed. Keeping close to the economic speed is the most fuel-efficient way for he self loading mobile concrete mixer. Generally speaking, when driving at high speed, the resistance of the self loading concrete mixer truck is greatly increased (mainly air resistance). According to statistics, when the vehicle speed is increased to 110-120 km/h, the fuel consumption will increase by 25%.

Haomei self mixing concrete truck has been exported to many countries worldwide. We'd like to provide more practical tips for our customers to have a good operation experience. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the needed model.

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