What Are Applications of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

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In recent years, more and more small construction contractors like to choose a self loading mobile concrete mixer for its high efficiency and multi-function. It also bring high return in a relatively short period. Which projects is the self loading concrete mixer applicable for?

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Road construction and road widening

Road construction is particularly important for the economic development of every place, especially in mountainous rural areas. Haomei self loading mobile concrete mixer is the most profitable mechanical equipment for road construction projects.

It can produce one batch of concrete in ten minutes, and the concrete can be and directly unloaded at the road repair site. It only requires workers to flatten the concrete. If it is a 4-meter-wide road in the village, then a self loading mixer truck and two workers can basically build about 1 kilometer a day.

Self-building house

In most villages, the self-building house is very common. The self loading concrete mixer can produce sufficient concrete for foundation and house building. At the same time, the concrete quality can fully meets the standards.

Slope protection

During the slop protection project, the self loading mixer can be perfectly matched with the concrete conveying pipe to finish the concrete pouring.

Ground hardening

Haomei self loading concrete mixer can discharge over driving and can unload at 270 degrees around the truck body. In addition, the daily demand for concrete is basically 100-200 cubic meters during the ground hardening. HM2.0, HM2.6 and HM3.0 can fully satisfy the concrete need according to 8-10 working hours).

The self loading transit mixer can reach the high efficiency that the concrete mixer can’t reach and go to the places where the large concrete truck can’t reach. It can follow the project wherever the project is. Therefore, as long as it is a project that requires concrete, it is the application scope of the self loading transit mixer. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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