How to Deal with Insufficient Hydraulic Pressure of Self Loading Transit Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-08-24

The self loading transit mixer has been a choice of many small construction contractors because of its high flexibility and automation. To ensure its normal operation, the daily importance is very important. How to do if the hydraulic pressure of the self loading mixer truck is insufficient?

When the air pressure of the self loading concrete mixer factory is not sufficient or there is no pressure at all, we can check according to these aspects:

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Firstly ,we can check if there is oil leakage from the hydraulic pump. If there is, it may because a certain accessory in the pressure oil circuit is stuck, the pipe joint may be loose or the seals of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors are damaged. The troubleshooting method is to directly disassemble the relevant equipment for cleaning and to see if the corresponding equipment is damaged.Replace it if it should be replaced.

Secondly, we can check if the hydraulic pump can output hydraulic oil. If it is a new hydraulic pump, there is no hydraulic oil, it may be that the pump body is defective, so that the oil suction cavity and the pressure oil cavity are connected, and the oil pressure ability is lost. The customer can find the self loading mixer manufacturers to replace it.

If it is not a new hydraulic pump and there is no hydraulic oil output, it may be due to the wrong steering of the pump or the parts are severely worn or damaged. Replace it in time.

Thirdly, The hydraulic system of the self loading concrete mixer can build up normal pressure, but there is no pressure in some pipelines or hydraulic cylinders. It may be because the pipelines, small holes or throttle valves and reversing valves are blocked.

Finally, if the output flow of the hydraulic pump decreases significantly with the increase of pressure, and the pressure does not reach the specified value, it is caused by the increase of the gap after the hydraulic pump of the self loading concrete mixer for sale is worn. The elimination method is to measure the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump, and then you can determine whether the pump can continue to be used.

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