The Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-28

The self loader concrete mixer can replace concrete mixer truck, loaders and mixers, saving equipment costs. What are its unique advantages?

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Self mixing

After the aggregate and cement enter the mixing drum, they can be perfectly mixed by the water flow in the water tank. The compulsory mixing mechanism can ensure the mixing quality and the quality of concrete.

Self feeding

Based on the unique hinged hydraulic shovel, the raw materials can be loaded easily and accurately, the built-in blade of the bucket can automatically cut the cement bag to avoid the waste of raw materials, and all the raw materials can enter the mixing drum smoothly and quickly from the bucket.

Self discharging

With four wheel drive, the self loading transit mixer can discharge along with the driving. In addition, the mixing drum can discharge with 270 degrees. It is convenient and quick to unload where it is needed, therefore it is very suitable for filling foundation ditch, road construction, slop protection,etc.

Quick movement

Equipped with a center of gravity transfer system, the center of gravity of the self loading mixer can move back and forth when going uphill and downhill, greatly improving the driving safety.

Suitable for various special environments

The self loading concrete mixer for sale is suitable for engineering construction in various special environments such as crowd urban areas, rural area, mountain area, grass land,etc. It can be used in concrete road maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction, township road construction, national defense facility base construction, high-speed railway construction and maintenance.

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