Why to Choose Haomei Self Loading Mixer for Sale

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-08-10

In recent years, the self loading mixer machine market is continuously expanding. Many brands spring up, however, there are relatively few independent self loading mixer machine manufacturer.

Independent production research and development not only requires a lot of capital investment, but also requires a lot of manpower and material investment, which is very difficult for most manufacturers. That’s our unique advantage.

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According to the actual construction needs, Haomei self loading transit mixer has many models. Different models are suitable for different construction needs, and can be adjusted as a whole according to the applicable environment. As a self loading mixer manufacturer, Haomei has strong mechanical design and scientific research and development.

In the before, the small construction contractors only could get concrete by traditional mixing method or purchasing from commercial concrete batching plant. The appearance of self loading concrete mixer completely changes the past situation. What are the advantages of Haomei self loading mixer for sale?

1. The rotation of its mixing drum is driven by a hydraulic motor through a special planetary reducer. The output shaft of the planetary reducer can swing at a certain angle to meet the vibration of the mixer drum under bad road conditions.

2. The hydraulic system uses a constant power variable plunger pump to reduce the power loss of the engine.

3. The water inlet system can realize automatic water inlet according to the setting.

4. The dry material is automatically loaded by shovel arm, boom cylinder, and quantitative hopper according to the designed ratio.

5. Double spiral blades are arranged on the inner wall of the mixing drum. The forward rotation is for feeding and concrete mixing while the concrete is discharged from the discharge port during the reverse rotation of the mixing drum.

6. The hydraulic torque converter is used to reduce the impact on the engine and extend the life of the engine.

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