How to Prevent Oil Leakage of Self Loading Mixer for Sale

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-12-10

The self loading mixer for sale has a large amount of work. If the operator has a certain professional maintenance knowledge, will be of great help in the driving process. Oil leakage is very common problem. There are 8 tips to help you solve the problems.

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1. The oil seal is of normal wear because of long-term use. You just need to replace it with a new oil seal.

2. If it is because the oil has not been replace for a long time, the quality of the filter element is unqualified or the oil is too dirty, we need to replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible.

3. The balance of the transmission shaft fails, and the swing amount is large, which causes the eccentric wear of the main shaft swing oil seal. At this time, we need to correct and replace the rotating shaft in time.

4. The hydraulic oil is deteriorated and emulsified, which leads to a decrease in lubrication performance and accelerates the wear of the oil seal. For this, we need to replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible, and clean the system in serious cases.

5. The pump bracket or the pump fixing bolts are loose, which in turn causes the overall vibration of the hydraulic pump and the wear of the oil seal. To prevent this, we need to frequently check and eliminate possible failures in the self loading transit mixer.

6. The oil return of the self loading mixer s not smooth, and the oil return pipe and the radiator are blocked, which causes the pressure in the motor housing to increase and then oil leakage. We need to remove the blockage and keep the oil return cycle unobstructed.

7. If the radiator does not dissipate heat, the oil temperature will be too high and the viscosity and lubricity decrease, which cause the overheating of the oil seal and the oil leakage. So we need to troubleshoot the radiator, cool down the system, and avoid the pump motor from wearing. In severe cases, we may need to stop the engine and use the water flush pump motor and radiator housing to cool down.

8. If the preheating is insufficient when we start it in winter and the oil temperature is too low, the oil and oil seals do not reach the ideal working temperature,which may also cause oil leakage. We need to let it run at idle speed for 10min to 20min when starting the self concrete mixer, and then make the tank rotate to work after the oil temperature is normal.

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