What Leads to Brake Failure of 4x4 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Trucks

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-09-28

The 4x4 self loading concree mixer trucks can goes any places where the concrete isneeded. It can realize self loading, weighing, mixing, discharging and transport. During the transportiaon, once the brake failure happens, it will a very dangersous for the opeator. What should we pay attention to?


1. Insufficient maintenance

If the brake system of self loading concrete mixer is lack of maintenance, it may cause big accidents. The driver need to frequently check whether the brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, air reservoir and pipeline work well. The parts with air leaks and poor working conditions should be repaired or replaced immediately. The changes in the air pressure on the instrument should always be paid attention to during normal driving.

2. Improper operation

Due to the lack of driving experience of 4x4 self loading concrete mixer truck, the wrong operation will lead to the malfunction of the parts. When going down a long slope, the driver should use a low gear to reduce the speed, use the engine to control the speed. Try to use the brake as little as possible to prevent the brake pads from overheating. Do not hit the brakes hard.

3. Severe load

The severe load will lead to the increase of the total mass of the self mixing concrete truck. Under the action of gravity acceleration, the inertia of the self loading mixer is increased, which directly causes the brake to fail. The driving speed should be always in a proper range.

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