When Should You Fix Engine of Self Loading Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-09

The self loading mixer is a popular small concrete production and transport equipment. With four wheel drive, it can go anywhere. The engine is the heart of a self loading transit mixer. We need to pay more attention to its condition. There are six signals to tell you that it needs fixing:

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1. The inner diameter of the cylinder is excessively worn. It can be judged from the following standards: the roundness deviation is 0.04-0.06mm, and the cylindricity deviation is 0.08-0.12mm. For multi-cylinder engines, the roundness and cylindricity deviations are based on the cylinder with severest wear.

2. The consumption of oil increases significantly, the oil pressure drops, and the exhaust pipe emits black and blue smoke.

3. The power of self mixing concrete truck has been greatly reduced. Its power is only about 60% of the rated power, and its cylinder pressure is lower than 65% of the standard pressure.

4. The crankshaft wears too much. After the shaft wears, the deviation of the roundness and cylindricity of the crankshaft exceeds the service limit.

5. When the engine starts or stops, it can’t start smoothly if the water is between 50-60℃.

6. The engine voice is abnormal. When the engine is running at high temperature, there will be noise in the cylinder, and the main bearing or connecting rod bearing will produce severe vibration or knocking noise.

The choice of engine has great effect on the whole performance on the self loading concrete mixer truck. Haomei Machinery choose well known brands of engines at home and abroad such as Yuchai or Cummins.

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