What Are Standard Operation Steps of Self Loading Mixer Truck

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The self loading mixer truck is used to mix and transport concrete on-site. Correct operation can ensure construction efficiency and concrete quality. The following are the standard operating steps for the self loading concrete mixer truck.

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1. Preparation

Before starting operation, check whether the appearance and mechanical parts of the self loading concrete mixer are normal. Pay special attention to whether the wheels, mixing barrel, upper hopper and other parts are damaged or loose.

Make sure there is enough fuel and lubricating oil in the mixer truck's fuel tank, lubricating oil tank and other liquid storage devices.

2. Loading

Park the self loading transit mixer on stable ground to ensure safety and stability. Open the upper hopper and use the loading equipment to load the concrete raw materials (cement, sand, gravel, etc.) into the upper hopper. Pay attention to adding materials in specified proportions according to the concrete mix. Close the upper hopper, make sure all materials are loaded, and then start the mixer truck.

3. Mixing

During the mixing process, the mixing barrel of the mixer truck will continue to rotate to ensure that the concrete raw materials are fully mixed evenly. Control the operating status of the mixer truck according to the concrete mixing time and speed requirements. Avoid mixing times that are too long or too short.

4. Transportation

After mixing is completed, ensure that the concrete in the mixing barrel is fully uniform and free of agglomerations. During transportation, the mixer truck should be driven carefully and avoid sudden braking, sharp turns, etc. to prevent concrete from spilling or unevenness.

5. Discharging

After arriving at the construction site, park the mixer truck firmly and ensure that the unloading area is flat. Open the discharge door and discharge the concrete from the mixing barrel. Pay attention to controlling the unloading speed to ensure that the concrete flows out evenly. After the discharge is completed, close the discharge door to ensure that no residue is left in the mixing barrel.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

After the operation, clean the mixer truck, especially the mixing barrel, upper hopper and other parts to prevent concrete residue. Perform regular equipment maintenance, including lubrication, tightening bolts, checking electrical systems, etc., to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

7. Safety precautions

Operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, work clothes, gloves, etc. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to stand next to the mixer truck or under the mixing barrel to avoid danger. During operation, maintain a safe distance from other equipment and personnel to avoid collisions and accidents.

The above are the standard operating steps for self loading concrete mixer for sale, but actual operations may vary slightly depending on equipment models and construction environments. Before operating, you should be familiar with the equipment manual and operate in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and operating procedures.

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