How to Protect The Engine of Self Loading Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-25

The engine is the heart of the self loading mixer. How to protect it to ensure the normal working of the whole machine? There are three aspects:

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How to make the engine cool down

If the engine is overheated during driving, reduce the speed as soon as possible and park it in a relatively cool place. Open the hood, run the engine at idle speed, and wait for the engine temperature to gradually return to normal. After the engine water temperature returns to normal, the engine stops.

After the engine completely cools down, please check the engine coolant level. It may be insufficient. After replenishing the cooling water with the prescribed amount, check the cooling system to ensure that there are no other obstacles. You can start the engine and continue driving.

How to clean the engine of the self loading concrete mixer truck

The first step is to cover the engine with a plastic film and then cover the upper side of the film with a semi-humid towel to prevent high-pressure water from rushing into the engine, making it difficult to start.

Use a high-pressure water gun to flush the attached dirt inside and outside of the engine from top to bottom. Directly spray the external cleaning agent evenly around the engine and engine room. After 3 minutes, you can use a fiber brush to clean all the parts that can be reached in the engine room.. Finally, use the a high-pressure water gun to quickly wash away the dirt.

How to add lubrication oil

During the operation, please do not repair or lubricate the self loading mobile concrete mixer.

Regularly add lubricant oil to each oil injection nozzle and lubricate the shaft end sealing once every 4 hours. Drain it once week.

The lubricant selected by the self loading mixer should have certain viscosity, low freezing point and good oxidation stability.

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