Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine V Other Concrete Equipment

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-03-31

haomei self loading concrete mixer machine.jpgWith meeting the need of most small projects, the self loading concrete mixer machine is getting more and more popular. At present, it is widely used in urban roads, rural road repairs, bridges, houses, water conservancy projects, infrastructure projects in rural area.

What's the difference between the newly self loading concrete mixer trucks and the previous concrete equipment such as concrete mixer and concrete pump? Let’s have a look of their comparison?


Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck

Self loading concrete mixer machine

Need License Plate or not



Mechanical vehicles, no license plate required

Available for transporting or not



Four wheel drive

Driver’s license is needed or not



Mechanical vehicles without driver's license


Simple operation while complex feeding process

Complex operation

It integrates self loading, weighing, mixing and discharging.

Loading method

Manual loading

Manual loading or independent loader

Self loading

Unloading method

Manual discharge

Manual discharge and auxiliary machine discharge

Automatic unloading with its own unloading device

If it can unload in different directions



It can discharge with 270 degree

The required labor

4-5 people

4-5 people

1-2 people

The self loading concrete mixer combines loading, mixing, transport and discharging together, which is equivalent to a mobile concrete mixing plant. Narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius and other personalized design of the self mixer make it has strong adaptability for most construction environment. If you like to get self loading concrete mixer truck price, welcome to contact Haomei Machinery directly.

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