Self Loading Transit Mixer: An All Terrain Concrete Mixer

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The self loading transit mixer consists of engine, driving system, mixing tank, self-loading device, hydraulic system, water supply system, oil supply system, electrical system and other parts.

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Vehicle body structure: It usually adopts a vehicle-mounted or trailer-type structure, and the body is made of high-strength cast iron or steel to ensure the stability and service life of the entire vehicle structure.

Power system: The power system of a mixer truck usually consists of an engine and a transmission device. The engine can be made from domestic or imported brands, and the transmission system usually uses a hydraulic transmission or a mechanical transmission.

Mixing drum: The mixing drum is the core component of the concrete mixer truck. It usually adopts a top-loading or rear-loading tank. Its volume is generally between 4 and 14 cubic meters. The surface of the mixing tank is covered with ordinary carbon steel plates or stainless steel plates to prevent concrete adhesion and tank corrosion.

Mixing device: The mixing device includes a main motor, a gear reducer, a mixing blade, a hydraulic pump and an engine. It is mainly used to mix concrete raw materials. After the concrete is mixed, it is discharged from the lower part of the tank.

Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system of the self loading concrete mixer is mainly used to drive the mixing tank. Its main hydraulic components include oil pumps, oil tanks, hydraulic valves, oil pipes, etc.

Operating system: The operating system of the mixer truck includes the cab, controller and circuit, etc. It is mainly used to control the driving, mixing and discharge operations of the self loading mixer truck.

In general, the structure and composition of the all terrain concrete mixer are relatively complex, but the close cooperation and synergy between the various components enable the vehicle to achieve optimal performance and complete tasks such as concrete mixing and transportation with high efficiency.

After the self contained concrete mixer truck has been working for a long time, the instrument panel and cab may shake. What are the reasons?

The hydraulic system of the automatic loading mixer truck adopts the steering priority method. The pressure oil output by the steering pump and the pressure oil output by the working pump are combined to supply oil to the working device.

The working pump only bears load when the working device is in action, while the steering pump not only bears load when the working device is in action, but also when it turns. Therefore, the steering pump works for a relatively long time and suffers heavy wear.

Under the joint action of the priority valve body, valve core, pressure regulating spring and pressure oil of the self loading mixer, the opening and closing of the EF port changes with each other at a certain frequency, resulting in vibration of a certain frequency. Because this vibration is close to the natural vibration frequency of the instrument panel and the cab, it causes the instrument panel and the cab to resonate.

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