What Can A Self-propelled Concrete Mixer Bring for You

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The self propelled concrete mixer has self loading, self mixing and self discharging in one. The common styles are divided into two types according to different mixer principles, drum type and flat mouth blender. At present, the more common type on the market is the drum type, which mostly mixes concrete with a large slump.

The self loading concrete mixer truck is suitable for road construction, road hardening, mountainous construction, and construction sites where power is not available. It is especially suitable for use in areas with complex road conditions. Going up the mountain is too difficult for a large concrete mixer truck, but it is quite easy for a self-loading mixer truck.

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Take HM2.0 self loading concrete mixer as an example. It has a scientific design, articulated body and four-wheel drive, so it is stable and powerful when climbing up to 30 degree. If the construction site is in a low-lying area, it will either be coordinated with the pipeline to transport concrete downwards, or it will drive to the needed places.

It also eliminates the need for a variety of other equipment, such as transport dump trucks, loading forklifts, concrete mixers, etc. that are needed for daily support. There is a large arm next to the cab of the automatic loading mixer truck, called the loading arm. The driver operates in the cab, and the loading arm can perform a series of lowering, shoveling, and lifting actions. After a worker has laid out the materials, the driver controls the loading arm to drop to shovel the raw materials. After the shoveling is completed, the driver controls the loading arm to rise the bucket to the mouth of the mixing tank, and continues to operate to open the rear opening of the bucket, so that the materials in the bucket can accurately enter the mixing tank.

The self loading transit mixer adopts measurement technology with independent intellectual property rights, which can accurately calculate the proportion of concrete materials and ensure the homogeneity and quality stability of concrete. The cab of the self-loading mixer truck is also very user-friendly and can be compatible with the needs of different drivers, greatly reducing the driver's work intensity.

The self loading mixer truck can print receipts, memorize a variety of concrete proportions as needed, and can mix concrete with different grades such as C35, C30, C25, C20, etc. The self loading concrete mixers can complete on-site concrete mixing and transportation operations at the same time. They are not only widely used in various civil and public construction projects, but also play a great role in the infrastructure construction of subways, bridges, rural towns and remote places.

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