The Operational Tips of self loading mixer truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-27

For small construction projects, mini self loading concrete mixer is an absolutely ideal construction equipment. High automation, high motility and less labor cost will inevitably improve construction efficiency and profit.

One worker is enough to operate the self loading mixer truck. What’s the operation tips? Let’s have a look together:

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1. When the self loading mixer is working, the heel is pressed against the floor of the cab, the foot plate and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel.Pay attention to press the fuel pedal slightly.

2. When the self loading concrete mixer is working, keep the throttle in a stable state. Under normal operating conditions, the throttle opening is about 70%.

3. Don’t put your feet on the brake pedal. The self mixer often work on uneven construction sites. If you always step on the brake pedal, the driver may drive the mixer forward accidentally.

It is necessary to control the engine condition and gear shift by controlling the throttle deceleration. This not only avoids the overheating of the braking system caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience for the fast speed increase.

4. The driver should cyclically pulls the lifting and bucket control levers when the throttle is stable. This will save fuel consumption.

5. Pay attention to the cooperation of lifting and bucket control levers. The general shoveling process of the self loading mixer is to lay the bucket flat on the ground and drive towards the pile steadily. When the shovel encounters resistance, it should first raise the arm and then retract the bucket.

6. The tires will often slip when the throttle is suddenly applied when encountering resistance. This operation will increases fuel consumption and damages the tires.

7. Due to the large digging force of the self loading mixer, the two rear wheels is easy to be lifted off the ground becuase of the proper operation. The grounding inertia of this lifting action will cause the blade of the bucket to break and the bucket to deform. The welding parts of the front and rear frames and other structures are also easy to crack.

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