How to Improve Hydraulic System of Self Loading Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-20

The self loading mixer is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete truck. It has the functions of self loading, metering, mixing, transport and discharging. It is very popular in Southeast Asia countries such as India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia,etc.

Although it has a compact structure, the self loading transit mixer has complex functions. The main functions are all driven by hydraulic system, especially the walking hydraulic system runs through the entire operation process. Therefore, the performance of the walking hydraulic system is directly related to the performance of the whole machine.

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According to the test data and the site situation, the following three improvements are proposed after considering the feasibility, convenience and economy of the improvement:

1. Adjust the oil return direction of the pump and motor

Connect the return oil of the walking pump and the motor to the radiator inlet directly. After passing through the radiator, they flow back to the tank. This solution has minor changes to the original system, and the pump and motor casings are connected in parallel to return oil, which is easy to reduce the back pressure.

2. Increase the pipeline diameter

3. Reduce the flow rate of the return oil filter

Judging from the hydraulic principle and test results, the oil return of the entire hydraulic system passes through the oil return filter, resulting in a large loss of oil hydraulic pressure. By taking the following action, the hydraulic pressure loss of the oil can be reduced.

Considering that both the walking and mixing hydraulic systems are closed systems, and the precision of their oil suction and filtering is high, the hydraulic oil of the walking pump, walking motor and the mixing motor can return to the oil tank after passing through the radiator(without passing through the return filter).

Haomei Machinery keeps improving the performance of each parts to give you better operating experience. If you like to know self loading mobile concrete mixer price, welcome to inquire from us.

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