What Is Self Loading Concrete Mixer Capacity

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In the mountainous areas with power shortage, it will be costly to buy commercial concrete since it is very far from the nearest concrete batching plant and the transportation is also a big problem. That is why the self loading concrete mixer is popular in mountainous countries like Ghana, Philippines, UK,etc. What is self loading concrete mixer capacity? Lets have a look together.

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2 m3 self loading mixer

The overall size of 2 cubic self loading concrete mixer is 4880*2200**3150mm. Since the overall width of the car is about 2.2 meters, it is applicable for driving as long as the road surface is 2.5 meters and more than 2.5 meters.

Some customers build country roads, and the pavement is only 2.5 meters wide, so it is very suitable to use this model. Its hourly capacity is about 10 m3. It can discharge 270 degrees and when turning around, the machine itself does not need to move, just rotate the operating room.

3.5 m3 self batching concrete truck

The hourly capacity of 3.5 cubic self loading transit mixer is about 15 m3/h. It adopts innovative curved bucket, wear-resistant material, 360 degree camera panorama head, Yuchai high-horsepower engine and four-wheel drive, which can adapt to various terrains and various working conditions.

4.0 m3 self loading mobile concrete mixer

4.0 cubic self loading concrete mixer truck is currently widely used in road construction, house building, workshop construction, slope protection and other engineering projects. The daily concrete output is about 500 tons.

It is is equipped with an automatic weighing system. Before feeding, the required amount of cement, sand and aggregate can be input according to the required concrete hardness. There is a weighing sensor installed on the loading arm on the right front of the mixer truck. Each time the material of the bucket is shoveled, it can be accurately displayed on the weighing system screen in the cab, which ensure that the produced concrete also conforms to the national standard.

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