Why Choose Self Loading Transit Mixer in Rural Area

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-11-24

The self loading transit mixer has self feeding, weighing, mixing, discharge and transport in one. In recent years, it is very popular in rural areas, especially the mountainous area. Why do more and more small contractors choose self loading transit mixer?

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Construction environment in rural area

The roads in the countryside are different from those in the cities. Most of the roads are mainly soil and rock, and some roads are very narrow. Haomei self loading mixer is of cute body, short wheelbase and four wheel drive. As long as the road is not narrower than 3 meters, the self-feeding mixer can enter and exit freely.

At the same time, the self loading mixer truck also has a 180-degree rotation function of the cab, which is especially suitable for rural trails that are inconvenient to turn around.

Production efficiency

For the current rural areas, the labor force is relatively small and some places are really backward in electricity. It is not efficient to adopt manual mixing or concrete mixer. It is troublesome and expensive to use commercial concrete for the remote distance and huge body of the concrete mixer truck. Therefore, the small self loading concrete mixer are the most suitable.

And the self loading mixer can mix concrete anytime and anywhere. After the mixing is completed, it can automatically discharge the material to the construction site accurately and automatically. Its hourly output is about 20 cubic meters, which can satisfy the need of most projects.

Production cost

Compared with the other three concrete production methods, the cost of mixing concrete with self loading mobile concrete mixer is low, saving labor cost, commercial concrete cost and transportation cost.

The self loading concrete mixer machine not only meets the expectations of the project owner for concrete, but also perfectly adapts to the environmental conditions of rural villages and towns. Welcome to leave message below to get self loading concrete mixer quotes.

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