The Wrong Operation of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-04-28

The use of self loading mobile concrete mixer contributes to saving labor and greatly improving working efficiency. Its function is not only limited to the mixing of concrete, bu also includes the the transportation of concrete. Therefore, it is very popular among the construction contractors.

As a new construction equipment in recent years, some operators is not familiar with it, who may have some wrong operation. Let’s have a look together.

1. Warm the engine too long

No matter it is in Winter or other seasons, many drivers are accustomed to warming the engine after starting at idle speed. After warming up for a period of time, they feel that the self loading concrete mixer truck will have a better performance.

In fact, it has limited effectiveness but a waste of gasoline and time. When the engine is under no load, it takes a long time for the engine to reach the normal operating temperature at idle speed. The correct method is that after starting the truck for 30 seconds, the driver should go on the road immediately and at the same time, the speed should be controlled within about 2000 revolutions per minute.

2. The electrical equipment is still used after the self mixer is turned off

Once the self loading transit mixer is turned off, the batter is in a discharging state without charging. So if you still use the high-power electrical appliances in the truck after the long-term shutdown, such as turning on the vehicle's headlights, this may quickly lead to serious consequences of complete discharge of the battery and failure of the self loading mixer to start.

3. Only add fuel when almost no fuel oil is left

Some drivers rarely pay attention to the fuel tank scale and only remember to refuel when the fuel warning light is turned on. If there is no gas station nearby, that will be worse. If this happens frequently, the life of the fuel pump of the self loading concrete mixer may be greatly reduced.

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