How Does The Self Loading Transit Mixer Self Load

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-16

The self loading mixer is a new type of concrete mixer truck, integrating self loading, mixing, transportation and discharging. It is an ideal choice for small projects and has strong adaptability for country roads, mountain roads, sand roads and slopes.

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The self loading of the self loading transit mixer depends on its hydraulic shovel. When the driver operates in the cab, the loading arm can perform a series of falling, shoveling, and lifting actions. Another worker helps to place the raw material in a certain position. Then the operator will shovel the raw material into the bucket according to the ratio and raise the bucket to the inlet of the mixing tank.

Generally speaking, two worker is enough to finish the whole work. One person operates in the cab, and the other assist in preparing raw material. After the materials are mixed well, can be discharged directly on the construction site. With the 270 degree discharging, it has high efficiency for those projects with multiple pouring points.

In addition, the craft and detail design of the shovel makes the self loading to a higher level. Take Haomei self loading concrete mixer truck for example. It shovel not only has a large bucket capacity, but also its bottom is of arc structure, which makes both loading and unloading process smooth. The zigzag strip in the middle of the bucket can cut the bag directly when loading the cement material, the worker only needs to throw the cement bag into the bucket.

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