The Daily Maintenance of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-05-19

Proper maintenance will effectively extend the life of the self loading concrete mixer truck. How to do? There are some tips from Haomei Machinery, manufacturer of self loading transit mixer.

When there is something wrong with self loading concrete mixer, the concrete needs to be cleaned out in time. You need to prepare driving hose, turn off the mixer truck, remove the high-pressure fuel pipe, operate the control handle to the discharging position to exclude the concrete in the truck.

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After all is done, disconnect the driving hose and restore the vehicle to its original condition. As for the daily maintenance, there are also some tips.

  • The operator needs to regularly clean the fuel system and control the generation of carbon deposits to keep the engine in an ideal state.

  • Pay attention to engine oil quality. For the engine, the SD-SF engine oil should be selected according to the additional equipment and operating conditions of the intake and exhaust system; the CB-CD diesel oil should be used for the diesel engine according to the mechanical load.

  • The self mixing concrete truck should periodically change the oil and filter element. In order to prevent the occurrence of problems, the oil should be changed regularly according to the conditions of use.

  • Rinse the inlet with water before each filling to keep the inlet wet during the filling process.

  • Every day, thoroughly clean the self loading concrete mixer truck, especially the entrance and exit to ensure that there is no cement and concrete block.

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