The Braking Skills of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Factory

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-07-30

The self loader concrete mixer plays an important role in rural road construction and house construction. Many contractors become the new driver of the self loading transit mixer. However, when driving it, how to brake needs some skills.

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1. Downhill braking

When braking downhill, press lightly on the back part and then the front part. The purpose is to prevent the front of the self loading concrete mixer from sinking too much, and actively increase the weight of the tail wheel.

2. Use the force between the toe and the sole to press the brake

It is well known that braking with toes is not as fast as with the soles of the feet, which can depress the entire brake pedal to the maximum extent. No matter stopping the car as soon as you step on the brakes, or being unable to stop when you should stop it, it is not what a driver should do.

3. Use the throttle cleverly

In addition to the foot brake, the accelerator must also be used to control the speed. In the case of a safe distance, once you need to decelerate, just release the throttle and properly match the foot brake to control the speed.

4. Before turning, adjust the speed of the vehicle: braking, shifting and pumping oil. In the event of an emergency, such as suddenly detecting an obstacle, immediately stop the tilting action,straighten the truck body and then brake.

These braking skills is not only good for extending the service life of the self loading concrete mixer factory, but also very important for the driving safety. If you like to know more about the self loading concrete mixer, welcome to leave message below.

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