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Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-10-20

The self loading concrete mixer simplify the concrete process and lessen its production cost, therefore it is widely favored by many small construction contractors. Haomei self loading concrete mixer has a big market share in Philippines.

The Philippines is a beautiful country with a tropical maritime climate. The high temperature may cause the overheating of the engine. How to deal with it? The overheating of the engine is very dangerous, it may damage the engine in some cases.

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When driving at high speed on the highway or when the self loading concrete mixer for sale is climbing, emergency measures must be taken if the pointer of the water temperature meter enters the red zone or vibrates repeatedly in the red zone.

If the engine overheats on an ordinary road, the speed of the self loading mixer should be reduced as soon as possible and driven into a relatively cool place. Stop the self loading transit mixer, open the engine cover, let the engine run at idle speed, and wait for the engine temperature to gradually return to normal.

Then wait for a while until the water temperature of the engine has dropped sufficiently, and then check the cooling water volume of the engine. At this time, if the cooling water of the engine is seriously insufficient, replenish the cooling water according to the specified amount and check the cooling system again. After confirming that there are no other faults, you can start the engine and continue driving.

If the engine overheats on the highway, you must immediately turn on all the warm air and open the windows. Since the warm air helps the cooling water to dissipate heat, the temperature of the cooling water can be drastically reduced. In this way, you can continue to drive, find the exit of the expressway nearby, and stop the self loading mixer to a safe place. Then, follow the above-mentioned method to lower the temperature of the engine.

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