How to Maintain the Sealing Strip of the Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2020-10-16

The doors of self loading concrete mixer are basically protected by sealing strips, avoiding the appearance of small gaps, otherwise these gaps are easily filled with sand particles outside and then cause corrosion. How to protect the sealing strip during the operation?

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1. Check whether there are large cracks in the seals of the self loading mixer. If there is, we can use a special adhesive for sealing; if the seal is severely damaged or aged, please replace it with a new one.

2. After cleaning the door and window sealing strips with a concrete mix cleaner, there will be a layer of permeability protective agent to avoid aging of the sealing strips and greatly improve the sealing function of the sealing strips.

3. When replacing the entire car body, a layer of sealant should be applied to the overlap of the weld. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be about 1 mm, and the adhesive layer should not have defects such as air bubbles.

4. After the window glass is damaged, the driver should check whether the sealing strip is damaged when replacing the glass.

5. The sealing of the door and the main body is a relatively difficult part. The sealing requirements are relatively strict. The part to be sealed is relatively long and the cross-sectional shape of each sealing part is different. Different kinds of seals are used for the main body. In addition to the sealing function, it also has the effect of reducing automobile noise.

6. When replacing the roof of self loading concrete mixer trucks, the driver should first apply a layer of conductive sealant around the roof. After welding, apply some glue on the runners and joints. This will help to avoid the corrosion of the main body caused by the accumulation of water in the weld joint.

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