What Will Influence The Braking of Self Loading Mixer

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As a construction vehicle can go anywhere, the braking system of the self loading mixer is very important. It is one of the important conditions to ensure the safety of ourselves and the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to know some braking skills.

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1. Friction coefficient

The friction coefficient is the basic parameter of the friction material, which determines the basic braking torque. The friction coefficient must be appropriate, too high will cause the wheels to remain stiff during braking,which may lead to loss of direction and burning of the tire. Too slow will lead to long braking distance.

2. Comfort

The comfort performance of the self loading concrete mixer truck for sale is directly reflected in the braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, smoke, smell, etc. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the braking comfort has been an important factor influencing the purchasing.

3. Reliable safety

When braking, the agitator braking can generate instantaneous high temperature, especially at high speed or emergency braking. At high temperature, the friction coefficient of the friction plate decreases, which is called thermal decay. Thermal decay determines the high temperature state and emergency braking safety.

4. Service life

The brake pads usually guarantee a service life of 30,000 kilometers. During the normal operation of the self loading concrete mixer, the braking method required under different conditions will be different. Therefore, we must have a basic information of the different braking skills.

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