How to Protect the Tires of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

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The self loading concrete mixer truck is a kinds of four-wheel driving self loading mixer. The tire condition has great effect on its driving performance. How to protect its tire? There are nine tips.

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1. Standard air pressure

When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the wear of the tire will increases sharply; when the tire pressure is higher than the standard value, the wear on the middle of the tire increases due to the decrease in the ground contact area of the tire and the increase in unit pressure.

2. No crack on the tread

Regularly check the tires of self loading mixer machine if there are cracks, deformations and other defects on the tire surface. The grooves of the tires gradually become shallow due to wear and tear. If they are smoothed, they will lose the skidproof effect. The performance of the self loading concrete mixer truck will be greatly reduced and the small cracks are even the hidden danger of flat fires when driving at high speed.

3. Parking on even ground

Avoid parking self loading concrete mixer on roads with thick or sharp stones. should not be parked near or in contact with acids or other materials that affect the deterioration of rubber. The driver should not turn the steering wheel after parking. Such an operation will accelerate the wear of the tires.

4. Don't splash water for heat dissipation

The tires of self batching concrete truck is prone to overheating during long-term driving or high-speed driving in summer. At this moment, we should park for heat dissipation, and it is strictly forbidden to deflate the air or reduce the temperature by splashing water to prevent abnormal aging of the rubber.

5. Avoid sudden braking

Avoid frequent use of brakes and emergency brakes, so as not to accelerate the tread wear due to the dragging of the tires. In addition, the glass fragments and foreign objects are more likely to penetrate into the tires of self loading transit mixer.

6. Check the spare tire frequently

In the maintenance and use of self loading cement mixer , don't forget the most important tire-spare tire. It is recommended that you regularly check the spare tire every 3 months, and inflate it if necessary, so as not to find it flat when you need it.

7. Pay attention to wear resistance

Most people don’t know that the wear resistance is actually a basic indicator of the tires of self loading concrete mixer. Unlike its size, load bearing and speed grade, the wear resistance index is not marked on the shoulder of the tire. You may search the related data on the internet which should be a reference for you to choose a durable self loading mixer tires.

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