How to Prevent Corrosion of Self Concrete Mixer Truck’s Water Tank

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The pressurized water tank is the main water tank used by the current self concrete mixer truck. This type of water tank is mostly made of steel because it bears a certain pressure. Generally, the cylinder body is made of Q235 steel plate of 3-4mm, and the head is made of Q235 steel plate of 4-5mm or Q235 steel plate of 4mm. It is easy to rust. How to prevent this problem occur?

considering the processing and quality control, galvanized treatment is a proper processing method. However, electroplating has its own shortcomings like strict process requirements, especially the rust at the weld is still difficult to handle.

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Another way is to consider chosing different materials. At present, the main alternative materials are stainless steel, plastic, glass fiber and aluminum alloys. These materials can completely solve the rust problem of water tank, but due to the different processing technology of each material, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The steel water tank is suitable for pneumatic water supply, which is easy to manufacture and easy to maintain. FRP water tank is easy to break, difficult to repair, and not suitable for pneumatic water supply. At present, plastic water tanks are mostly used for drinking water tanks on passenger cars and trucks.

In addition to the right protection, we also need to learn how to use the water tank correctly. Generally, the water tank is filled with water before driving. There are some instructions:

1. The water tank of the auto loading concrete mixer should be filled up frequently for emergency use.

2. Before adding water to the water tank of the self loading concrete mixer, the air valve must be opened to release the air in the tank, and the air storage cylinder must be closed in time after inflating the water supply.

3. The water tank is only pressurized during water supply, and do not drive on the road with the pressurized water tank.

4. When parked in winter, there must be no remaining water in the water tank and water supply system.

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