What Are Advantages of Small Self Loader Concret Mixer

Haomei Concrete Pumps2022-06-21

The small self loader concrete mixer is a kind of construction machinery that has gradually emerged in recent years. It integrates multiple functions such as self loading, weighing, mixing, discharging and transportation.

It can realize rapid production of concrete and effectively improve the efficiency of engineering construction. Especially in remote areas with limited hydraulic and electric power conditions, due to the high cost of concrete mixing plants, this highly mobile self loading transit mixer is much favored.

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In terms of construction efficiency, it has high aumatic degree without equipment assistance, which can almost meet the needs of most applications. At the same time, because of the automated operation process, only 1-2 people is enough to n complete the whole process, which saves a lot of labor costs while improving efficiency.

The self loading concrete mixer are very durable, which can work in areas with poor road condition, outdated power projects, plateau area with lack of oxygen and mountainous areas. The automobile engine adopts the famous domestic brand Yuchai engine, which features strong power and long-term use.

Haomei Machiney, as a self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, has many models of this equipment. How to choose a proper one according to your project? It is suitable for large and small projects, such as self-built housing, road construction, water conservancy projects,etc. When making a selection, buyers need to consider based on actual conditions such as project size, average daily demand, operating time, and environmental factors.

If the demand for concrete in one day is less than 100 cubic meters, then the models of 1.2-2.0 cubic meters can be considered. If the demand for concrete in one day is more than 100 cubic meters, it is recommended to choose a model of 2.6-4.0 cubic meters. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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