Daily Maintenance of Self Loading Transit Mixer

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The self loading transit mixer has self mixing and transport in one, saving labor and production cost. In addition to automatically produce the finished concrete required for road construction, it can unload 270 degree while walking. It can unload concrete at a height of 1 meter, which is convenient and efficient, so it is favored by the majority of small and medium-sized projects. How to do daily maintenance?


Water Tank

1. The water tank should be filled up frequently for emergency use.

2. Before adding water to the water tank, the air valve must be opened to release the air in the tank, and the air storage cylinder must be closed in time after the water supply.

3. The water tank is only pressurized during water supply, and do not drive on the road with the pressurized water tank. Do not open the water inlet valve until the water tank of the self loading concrete mixer is depressurized. Do not drive before the water tank of the self loading concrete mixer truck is depressurized.

4. When parked in winter, there must be no remaining water in the water tank and water supply system.

Solution to the stop of the mixing shaft

1. If the motor drive belt is too loose, it is only necessary to adjust the tension of the motor drive belt of the self loading mixer after the machine is stopped.

2. If it is caused by overload, it is only necessary to adjust the feeding amount, discharge the excess material, and reduce the rotating load of the mixing shaft.

3. When the material is stuck between the blades and the inner wall of the gate, there is often a sharp and harsh friction sound before the mixing shaft stops. When this happens, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection, remove foreign objects manually, and readjust the self loading concrete mixer truck.

Hydraulic motor

The hydraulic pump distribution plate is also one of the important components that easily cause noise. Due to surface wear or sludge deposition at the opening of the unloading groove, the unloading groove becomes shorter and the unloading position changes, resulting in noise.

In the normal repair process, the distribution plate repaired by flat grinding will also have the consequence of shortening the unloading groove. At this time, if it is not properly slender in time, the self loading cement mixer for sale will also generate a lot of noise.

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