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Haomei Concrete Pumps2022-06-08

The self loading concrete mixer for sale is suitable for engineering construction in various special environments, crowded urban areas and remote areas. It can be used for concrete pavement road maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction, ground hardening, house building, slope protetion,etc. Therefore, it is very popular in South Africa.

Due to the particularity of some working conditions, in the face of a narrow construction space, the requirements for the flexibility of the self loading transit mixer is relatively high. It adopts four-wheel steering, which can realize three steering modes, and switch between various steering modes through instrument buttons.

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It is also equipped with a vehicle-mounted lighting system that can drive and construct at night, which can realize 24-hour construction operations, increasing working efficiency and shortening construction period.

In the construction process, the self loading mobile concrete mixer can be used in conjunction with the concrete pump truck, so that the production and transportation of concrete can be mechanized and automated. This is not only as simple as improving the construction efficiency, but also beneficial to protect the environment.

More importantly, it is fully applicable for the local climate. The self loading mxier also has high construction efficiency in the rainy season due to its good off-road performance. According to the the experience of previous projects, the work efficiency of the traditional mixer in the rainy season is reduced by more than 50%, and the construction of the concrete mixing plant is basically impossible in the rainy season, while the use of self loading truck for sale reduces the work efficiency by about 20%.

At the same time, self mixing concrete truck also has its limitations. Due to its slow moving speed with full load, it is only suitable for short-distance transportation. The hourly output of the self loading truck for sale is from 5-20m3. It is more applicable for small and medium projects. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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