The Synchronously Rotating Cab of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-06-08

The self loading concrete mixer truck is suitable for all engineering projects that require concrete. It can mix a large amount of materials and is designed with a power system, a drive system, a steering system and a control system. It can run normally on the road and is convenient for the transporation.

During use, the self loadign concrete mixer can complete the following operations: Its power system provides power source. It can drive on the road through the drive system. It completes the steering operation through the steering system. It realizes the accurate control of concrete ratio through the automatic weighing system.

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At present, some self loading mobile concrete mixer can discharge materials by 90° synchronous rotation of the driver's cab and mixing tank, which can discharge materials for various complicated road conditions.

However, after the self loading transit mixer enters the narrow section, the vehicle can only be reversed and driven out of the narrow section. The version is blocked, which increases the difficulty of the operator's driving.

Haomei Machinery has been devoted to overcome the existing shortcomings and provide a self loading mobile concrete mixer with a front and rear bidirectional synchronous rotation driving cab.

Through the setting of the rotating platform and the fixed plate, the cab and the mixing tank can rotate in the same direction, which can be turned 90 degrees to the left and 180 degrees to the right.

After working in a narrow area, the driver's cab can turn right 180 degrees synchronously, and the direction of the driver's cab can be reversed to drive out of the narrow work area. The self loading mobile concrete mixer is designed with a rotary power device to achieve the same operation mode as the forward driving.

And the driver's cab is still kept on the left side of the vehicle when driving backwards, which reduces the adjustment time of the operator and enhances the driving experience. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the right self loading concrete mixer for your project.

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