Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale in Singapore

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With versatile functions and widely application, the self loading concrete mixer is very popular in many countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam, Singapore,etc. How to choose a reliable concrete mixer in Singapore?

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If you have enough budget, you can choose imported chassis with igh attendance rate and low failure rate. If your budget is limited, what you should care most is the mixing drum, feed hoppers, and discharge chutes. The quality of the steel plate determines the service life of the mixing drum.

Welding technology

Some manufacturers choose carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, which may cause welding cracks in the future use. So you must have a general knowledge of its welding technology. Finally, the anti-rust treatment at the bottom is generally sandblasted. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use manual polishing or no polishing, which will affect the adhesion of the paint. This is the reason why the outer shell has been severely rusted.

Mixing drum

The mixing tank is a place where concrete is mixed, and its wear resistance must be good. The blades in the mixing tank also need high strength and wear resistance. Special attention should be paid to the process and materials of the mixing drum. We should check the smoothness and wall thickness of the mixing drum carefully. The process of the mixing drum of the self-loading mixer truck determines the level of the residual rate of concrete.

After-sale service

Whether the manufacturer can provide convenient, fast and reliable after-sales service is an important factor that must be considered in the selection. Haomei Machinery promises one year warranty. There is enough spar parts in stock. Please leave your message on my website, we will arrange shipment within 48 hours.


The choice of motor brand, hydraulic parts, cooling device,tire, etc., all will affect its final price. Some special functions like synchronous rotation of cab also affect the final price. So if you really like to buy a self-loading mixer truck, welcome to consult us directly and we will give you a detailed quotation.

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