The Broad Application of Self Concrete Mixer Truck

Haomei Concrete Pumps2021-12-09

The self concrete mixer truck is a special vehicle for long-distance concrete transportation. The vehicle can still mix the concrete during the driving process, so it has the dual functions of transportation and mixing. What are its popular applications?

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Feed mixing

Some large feed factories can also use this for feed mixing, which saves time and labor, reduces personnel costs, and has a good control over the ratio of feed.


In view of the narrow space of mine tunnels, poor road conditions and the possibility of gas explosions, it is necessary to develop special concrete mixer trucks for transportation. The height and width of of this self concrete mixer truck are limited to 2.5 meters and 2.2 meters, respectively. It uses a hydraulic motor four-wheel drive, which can provide greater torque to the chassis.

Road building

Under normal circumstances, C25 concrete can be used in rural road construction, but if it is a section where large vehicles are allowed to pass, C30 and C35 concrete with higher hardness is required. The thickness of rural roads is basically 20 cm, and 0.6 cubic meters of concrete is needed to build a one-meter road. The self loading concrete mixer can fully meets this need.

Transmission line

The transmission line usually has long length, large number of foundations and small volume of single foundation concrete. It is likely to pass some electricity-backward regions are mountainous areas. The self loading transit mixer can help to get concrete anytime and anywhere.

Ground hardening

At present, many factories, village courtyards, parking lots, squares and other constructions need to turn soil ground into cement ground, which is more convenient for people to work and live. Since the self batching concrete truck can produce concrete and move automatically, it is much favored in this aspect.

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